The Why and the Who behind Transaction Management Academy

Transaction Management Academy is a consulting and training

company for transaction management within the Real Estate industry.

Our sole mission is to help potential Transaction Managers learn

everything they need to learn to successfully manage multiple

transactions at one time.

In addition to that, we are passionate about empowering Transaction

Managers to create their own businesses and live a "life by design, not default". We hope that our training enables administrators across the country

to build big businesses.


Brindley Tucker

Brindley Tucker is the Owner and Founder of Transaction Management Academy. As a licensed Realtor® and Transaction Manager, Brindley has successfully closed

over 2,000 Real Estate transactions in her career. She

built a Transaction Management team and started her

own recruiting and training company called Your Realty Leverage. She now uses her expertise as a Coach to

help high-level administrators grow their teams. Her development of Transaction Management Academy

came from a desire to deliver quality training to Transaction Managers. Her goal is to develop leaders

who will then go and develop other leaders.

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