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Transaction Manager

Learn everything you need to know about the Contract to Close Process through our Self-Paced Online Training Course.

Our Course Teaches You EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Be a Successful Transaction Manager!

Our Self-Paced Online Training takes you through the complete contract to close process through instructional videos, informational downloads, email templates, and much more!

Our courses cover the following: Getting Started in Transaction Management, Transaction

Set-Up, Opening Escrow/Handling Escrow/Earnest Money Deposits, Inspections/Repairs, Loan Process, Title Process, Homeowner’s Insurance, Homeowner’s Associations, Closing, Post Close, Cancellation of Contract, Marketing, and Managing Your Own Business.

"Transaction Management Academy has provided me with a detailed step-by-step

process on transaction management. TMA has given me the resources and

confidence I need to be a successful business owner. Not only did they train me in

transaction management, they gave me the tools I need to find clients and new business."

Sherry Ganoe

TMA student and Successful Transaction Manager

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